Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Jade Garden Now Open!

A few restaurant changes are going on in the Dreshertown Plaza Shopping Center. Carambola closed after dinner on Saturday (8/22) and Jade Garden opened within the past few weeks. Jade Garden, which features Japanese and Chinese cuisine, opened in the old King Tien space (next to Carambola) for those of you that grew up in the Upper Dublin area and remember the restaurant that had pictures that really looked like real water falls (of course I was a kid at the time). I have heard the Chinese is better than the sushi, but I have yet to check it out myself. They are located at 1650 Limekiln Pike, Dresher and their telephone number is (215) 542-3890.


  1. A disaster. My wife and I were anxiously awaiting the new restaurant, and finally one night - the first night out together since our 4 month old was born - we went. Had to bring our baby with us, but assumed it would be a quick trip. After 15 minutes of no food I asked the waiter to please check on the order and pointed to the baby who was starting to get rammy. 15 minutes later of no food I asked the owner to check on both the waiter and the food, since we'd seen neither. After the baby started screaming and no food in over 30 minutes I went to owner and told him we were leaving. He said they were waiting on one appetizer, which was "taking a while." Like I cared about an appetizer at that moment? Ridiculous that nothing came out in the interim. I can't comment on the food, as we had none, except the noodles we didn't want to eat. How it's possible that I can get great Chinese delivered from other places further away in 15-20 minutes and can't get food served in-house in 40 I have no idea. Skip it and do yourself a favor.

  2. My girls night out there was OK. Let's say the wine (we brought with us) was more exciting than the food and service. The food was OK. We all got sushi and thought it was just average- nothing exciting. If I needed that sushi "fix" I don't think I would go there. The waitress was breathing down our necks too- she seemed inexperienced and confused. I will give it another try because I like to support our local restaurants and businesses but I don't have that high of expectations...

  3. We've had takeout which has been great, about 1000x better than the restaurant it replaced. We ate there last week, dining in this time, the service was awesoe, and the food was just excellent. Not greasy, flavorful, hot, and the tea was good too. If they ever did have problems, theyve gotten their act together I'd say.