Wednesday, August 19, 2009

Fresh Market Now Open! (and I checked out Qdoba too)

So I checked out the Fresh Market today and was pretty impressed with their selection of food. Everything seemed really fresh and looked so good! Their produce looked amazing! The prices for certain things seemed a little higher than what I was willing to spend for that particular product. It seemed to be a cross mix of Whole Foods and some regular grocery items you would find at Giant. The place was packed with people and it was a little difficult to move my cart around but I managed to get by (even though I did knock something over coming around a bend)!

I ended up purchasing a banana chocolate chip loaf which looked amazing. I got it home took a bite and noticed it had NUTS in it! I was not happy for 2 reasons. I hate nuts in my banana bread and the label did not say banana NUT bread. There was nothing to indicate I was purchasing something with nuts in it. I am not allergic to nuts but am thinking how so many people have nut allergies and would be upset if they went to bite into banana chocolate chip bread and found nuts all over it. I called the store immediately and spoke to the store manager who completely agreed the label should read banana nut chocolate chip bread and offered to refund me my money. She said she would let corporate know as well!

So that's my first experience at the new Fresh Market in town!

I also happen to check Qdoba out as well. It was super hot inside (clearly have ac problems) but the food was pretty good. I had a chicken and cheese quesadilla (which is the only Mexican food I really eat) and I liked it. I also had some quacamole and chips which were fair. I like Baha Fresh's better. My son had a kids version of the chicken quesadilla and ate it right up! They have 3 choices for kids. It was packed at lunch time, but the line seemed to move pretty quick! I am not rushing back as I don't love Mexican food, but it is worthwhile checking out.

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