Wednesday, August 12, 2009

Dresher has a farmers market?!

My friend Susie, who knows everything and anything in the area (don't worry, she will be blogging on here soon!) told me about the Dresher Farm Market. Now I have lived in this area for over 3 years and haven't heard or been to this place until TODAY! OMG! I can't believe this!

So I went in today. It is such a great and adorable place! It's right on Limekiln Pike, right where Limekiln and Susquehanna divide (across from those new townhouses that are being built)

Anyway, inside this little gem are amazing, juicy fruits and vegetables, incredible pies, cakes, and cookies (hot from the oven!) and other gourmet, local food items, like fresh tomato sauce, homemade fresh pasta, Bobby Chez crab cakes, fresh mozzarella cheese, and more. Most of their items come from Lancaster and are all fresh. They also have mulch, plants, flowers, etc. The owners were so nice and sweet and very helpful.

They are open 7 days a week, and take credit cards! (I NEVER have cash on me so this is a biggie!) They are open until after Thanksgiving and then close Dec 1st through March. This is a great place to get holiday baked goods (you can pre-order if you want), or to stop in for fresh fruit or for dinner! I am definitely going to become a regular here. So excited! Tonight I'll be dining on some homemade gnocci with fresh tomato sauce and some crabcakes. YUM!

Here is the address/contact info:

Dresher Farm Market
2038 Limekiln Pike
Dresher, PA 19025


  1. Their crumb cake is amazing! Dresher Farm Mkt. also comes to Ambler, next to Cone Heads, every Thurs. from 3-7.

  2. I just stopped in for a basket for my mother for May Day (a tradition in our family for generations), and while I was at the market, I bought 2 crabcakes. When I got home, I threw one on the George Forman grill for about 4 minutes *(although I am not supposed to have gluten - I didn't let the panko on the outside bother me since there is no filler). OMG! This is the best crab cake ever! And the GF grill was such a fast way to do it. That and my mother loved the basket, so it was a hit all the way around! Thank you so much!!