Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Girls: get yourself some OPI gel nails at Twinkling Nails

For years I have struggled with getting manicures. I love the way it looks for the first day or two, and then it chips, and I hate it. But today, at Twinkling Nails in Ambler, I tried out a brand-new product from OPI, called Axxium Gel nail polish. This soak-off gel nail polish is supposed to last 2 weeks with no chips. It applies like nail polish (painted on) and then dries in a UV drier while your nails are getting done. There are over 20 colors available (from light to dark to French), and when your manicure is finished, you can walk out with totally dry, chip-free nails! The whole process took about 45 minutes and costs $25. This is life-changing for me!!!

Twinkling Nails was great, and I enjoyed a (free) massage when my manicure was over. Plus, when you get the Gel nails, they give you a free Paraffin for your hands!

Check it out!

Twinkling Nails:
Butler Pike, Ambler: 215-646-9990
Horsham Road, Ambler: 215-646-4377

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