Friday, March 26, 2010

What I didn't know about Udder Delight!

Since the weather has been better I have been making more frequent trips over to Udder Delight in the Shop N Bag shopping center. This fun and happening ice cream shop has a great selection of hard ice creams that are amazing, water ice, soft service ice cream and yogurt, which can be flavored with over 50 flavors, and much more.

Some of the things that I didn't know about Udder Delight, that set it apart from other "typical" ice cream places, are that:

- They now make Homemade Ice Cream, every day it is made from scratch in the store.
- They have Low Cal drinks, smoothies, and yogurt.
- They have great water ice that is more affordable and bigger servings than others in the area. For the adults, they can do Spiked Water Ice -- you bring in your alcohol and they spike it for you. Large batches only…but it is amazing! Great for a party.
- They also have what they call Cow Patties (pictured to the right), fresh Hope’s Cookies baked in the store with your choice of ice cream.
- Try their frozen hot chocolate... amazing!

Of course, Udder Delight is also a great place to get an ice cream cake for your next party, or to host a unique party with crafts and sundae-making!

Stop by soon and enjoy all of these awesome treats with the great Spring weather!

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