Sunday, October 11, 2009

Bounce U opened in Horsham

We took the kids to Bounce U today in Horsham. They are located in the same complex as Kids U but the entrance is off of Babylon Road. We had to drive around for a bit to find our way to their parking lot.

They started doing their birthday parties and from what we could tell they were eager to please! The place is very clean- its all brand new. Nicely painted walls, carpeting, fixtures...and friendly staff! We had called there ahead of time to make sure there was open bounce time and we were given a reservation time.

They make you watch a 2 minute video before you bounce showing you the rules and what is not acceptable "play" (pushing, going down slides head first, no shoes or barefeet permitted, etc). While we thought it was important to review the rules with both parents and children, we found the fact that they make you watch it before a little much. The kids were too excited to head in to really pay much attention.

We went into two different rooms, each room we were in we were there for about 25 minutes- the first had four different bounce/climbing/slide "rides" and the kids loved it. The second room had more of the same (4 different climbing/slides). The young woman who worked there was sweet and great with the kids. Because they had just opened and did not have their official grand opening event (scheduled for 10/31), we were the only ones there and therefore had the entire bounce experience to ourselves!

We had a very good experience and will definitely be going back! If you decide to head there, be sure to call ahead to find out their open bounce times, which changes daily. They have play date times throughout the week days and evenings. Don't forget to bring socks too!

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